CineLut Film Emulation for Professional Looking Film Production

CineLut Film Looks and Emulations

CineLut's collection of film looks and stock emulations have been designed by our team of experienced professionals to give stunning production value to your latest project. For use in Final Cut Pro,  DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects our Luts come in both .cube and .mga formats. These Luts can be used on either RAW or Pro-Res footage with equally incredible results. Designed for ease of use, each of our luts can be applied to footage to get instant results. Be sure to check out the sample footage and tutorials and remember to check back each month as we will be giving away a lut file from one of our premium products  for free.

For use with Final Cut Pro,DaVinci Resolve and Adobe After Effects

DaVinci Resolve
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro